Daniel Randall

Untitled (Hands 1) was my first real step into digital media. Using paint to act as a green-screen, I produced a performance piece that layered two separate movements into one unique entity. The continuous application of paint throughout the performance gradually reveals the next layer of movement, creating the illusion of both movements existing at the same time. 

The intention behind this piece was to entrance and mesmerise an audience through the smooth and revealing movements and engage them enough to last the duration of the film.  

The performance is accompanied by an appropriated sound piece, ‘Earth Song’, a recording of sound waves produced by our planet and recorded in our atmosphere. Although the context of this sounds didn’t feel essential to the overall work, the ambient sound produced greatly added to the mesmerising tone I wanted from this performance.  

Untitled (Hands 1) has greatly influenced my practice further down the line, approaching digital media with the intent of creating illusory pieces that test the audience’s engagement and perceptions of performance in art. 

Words: Daniel Randall, Fine Art, @dr_visualart

Performance: Rebecca Ball 

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