Stephen Johnson 

In 2018, the subject of redevelopment is nearly always met with controversy. While the general consensus appears that it may be necessary, it is the execution of these projects which people fight against. The aim of this project is never to reshape the area into something new, but instead, to act as a manifesto to consider the demolition of our buildings more carefully. Anglia Square is a prominent and unique modernist shopping centre in North Norwich, but due to age and neglect, the area is now in a state of decay which raises questions about its future. An area filled with diverse character and commerce, it hums with activity but as a shadow of what it once was. 

The general consensus regarding the site is that without a doubt Anglia Square needs redevelopment, but after multiple proposals failing to lead anywhere, nothing has changed. The subject continues to divide the city consistently with many locals not wanting Anglia Square to lose the qualities that make it so special. Before long we could be at risk of losing an entire era of our architectural heritage. Therefore, this project looks critically at how aspects of Anglia Square can be saved as well as regenerated to provide use to community around it. 

Words: Stephen Johnson, Architecture

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