Words: Katie Champkin (They/Them,), BA (Hons) Illustration, @champkinkatie 

When I think of “play” I think of fun. I’m someone who loves to play and have fun in many forms – I love games, sports, experimenting, and finding fun in the process of failing. All of these things are true, but most of all I love to play with other people and have fun together in those things. Connecting to others, engaging in something shared – that’s what makes it worth doing. When coming up with ideas for “play”, I knew I wanted to involve others in the process of whatever I make. I also wanted the creation process, the application of the idea, to be fun to do!

Painting on people and chatting about things while I do it, playing a game of twister to take the photos I wanted, and sharing the results with everyone involved were what made this a fun and playful experience. The subject of hands is something I often come back to in my work – I think it’s an amazing subject for carrying (pun unintended) the concept of connectedness and collaboration between people.

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