Words: Michelle Hannant (She/Her), BA (Hons) Photography, @michelles.pt

Discovering nature has always been a love of mine. Our relationship with nature has never been more vital. Belonging to nature is a human’s true form. We as people evolved through nature. A breath of fresh air, the cycle of life, flowers in bloom, leaves falling from trees are my joys of life and what I am grateful for.

A method of discovery was captured throughout this piece of work with experimentation by capturing sustainable fashion in a natural environment. Using sustainable fashion, I wanted to implement the small changes that we as individuals can make to keep our joy of nature.

Yosemite captures the belonging of nature and the importance of nature connectedness at this present time. It focuses on how the current events have caused an increase on our desire to be outside but with also small changed of how we can save the environment to be as it’s true natural form.

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