Barbara Wei

Our BA (Hons) course is accredited by Creative Skillset/ScreenSkills and covers creating effective design for printed books, newspapers and magazines as well as digital apps and online publications.

You will base your work on thorough research as you experiment with graphic design through typography, image and surface design in traditional formats and with new technologies.

And you’ll follow a proven path that has led our graduates to find success in leading publishing houses, design studios and creative agencies.

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Chloe Leeder (She/Her) Created as an opportunity to capture the small, fleeting moments of lockdown, Frozen in Time uses ice
Joe Gregory (He/Him) My initial thoughts when I came across this on my walk were confusion, disbelief and amazement. It
Future Effects Of Hybridisation
Katie Foreman (She/Her) The illustration that I have submitted relates to metamorphosis through the idea of change in both physical
Sophie Ebbage Inspired by the phantom nostalgia brought about Declan McKenna's album 'Zeros'. Heavily influenced by 70s glam rock and
Toby Mclaren Aballone is a project started by Hannah Roadknight and I. We both had the vision of creating and
Katie Foreman This submission piece is all about the things that we have found to make ourselves happy during lockdown.
Louise Aspinall These photographs are a part of a series I had taken two years back. They were taken for a first-year magazine project,
Holly Battle Virtual reality is an immersive experience which allows people to wear a headset and place them in curated,
Ollie Turner A newspaper design that emphasises the global warming crisis and pollution around the world for the global activist campaign,
ALICE QUINN The main concept of my design was to show the narrative of Dorian Gray, focussing on the decay
Layla Weiss “Red Sea” is a series of shots I did for Kingsley. He approached me asking me to help
Benjamin McLeister Using expired film on a slightly broken camera made for some interesting illusions.   Each photo was shot in London on
Benjamin McLeister Fitting with the theme of ‘Process’, ‘Typography & Movement’ arrived after working on a brief set by university,
Barbara Wei SAVOR magazine, to delight in and savour the alone moments. It is based on the attitude of being alone, and the
Jake Newbury Soma – Have You Had Your Daily Dose? is a response to the theme of soma, a drug used