Release date: October 8th 2018

At Storehouse, we pride ourselves in being a magazine that’s made by students for students, all under one roof. We are the next generation of Storehouse and we want a new generation of content. Fresh ideas, original concepts and a new wave of creativity.

Generation can mean the era in which we live in, the process of generating artwork or a generation of people.

Creative Co-Working
Stephen Johnson This project entitled Creative Co-working was all about creating a gallery and working space for artists but with
Saffron Brooker  The new generation is about creative relationships and collaboration. As a fashion design student, it would have been
Olivia Elsey These images are part of an original concept project for the design of a local art gallery and
Nayeon Kang Here, light is recognised by several sharp-ended pieces of wood. The use of light and dark is for the sake of
Maddie Exton  ‘I Can't Remember What It's Like To Not Be Watched’ I Can't Remember What It's Like To Not Be Watched’ is
Lucy Phillips These photographs were captured across Northern India, in Varanasi, New Delhi, Dharamshala, and many other places in which I ate some
Kellen Playford "Moving Portraits is a series of short documentaries about artists that focus on representation and aesthetics. Each film centers on
Jordan Hardy Filmed on location in Beijing, China, Facing The Sun explores the issue of rapid urbanisation in Chinese cities and its relationship with
Jack Lennon Like Father, Like Son is a 3D scene representing Jack’s dad’s desk when he was introducing him to
George Davison Focusing on the relationship that our generation has with technology, this piece highlights the absence of childhood with
Gemma Jouques ‘My practice is very much process led and material based. I view the act of generating/creating my work
Emmalouise Smith A film within a film within a film within a film… set in a cinema, toying with traditional film
Emma Liu  Portrayal is a concept for an online brand that aims to highlight the complexities of identity and self-representation
Conrad Areta These images are of elevations, sections, perspectives and a model of my temporary nomadic pavilion from my term
Charlotte Tankard And Katie Squirrell Charlotte and Katie were awarded third place in the Black Sheep 2018 competition for this work. The brief
Chalisa Chanchuvanichkul When you go on a holiday to somewhere new, what do you try to photograph? I guess the typical
Ceara Coleman  This piece is titled 'The 90s Called' and was a fun personal project for me to play around
Frances Kennedy A series of Projection Visuals made for performance.  ‘The idea was to create a multi-sensory environment for our audience. We
Callum Brown, Jeremy Downes and Simone Costa Brief  Create a brand identity and associated brand applications for a new museum
Brittany Miller 'In Plain Sight’ is a campaign with the aim to show the UK just how big of an
Beth Graham Over the summer of 2018, Norwich and surrounding areas have been decorated with a fleet of hares! Known
Ben Chamberlain and Ethan Brown In the era we live in, equality is a hot topic. This generation, more than ever, is
Ben Chamberlain Recently, the release of new 3D design software by Adobe has made the generation of photorealistic digital renderings
Ana Corona  The House of Daze is a Norwich based drag collective dedicated to showcasing queer performers and turning out
Beth Graham Films have the unique ability to define a generation in history, acting as a relatable gateway into our
Beth Graham One thing that can be said for our generation is the rise in cases of anxiety and stress.
Kieshona Brown A relationship: it can be one of the most beautiful experiences a person will ever go through. Imagine