Release date: March 25th 2019

The 10th anniversary of Storehouse magazine is fast-approaching! Showcasing talent, gaining industry recognition, sharing creativity within our theme of ‘Contrast’. To push the boundaries of Storehouse we present you with two submission opportunities – Light and Dark. This means that your work can fall into either category to create a contrasting magazine full of varying talent.

‘Light’ can be taken literally or obscurely. Can you shed light on an important topic? ‘Dark’ can be taken literally or obscurely. How you interpret this brief is down to you and your imagination – be creative! Dark doesn’t have to be negative; think outside the box, these are just prompts – be as abstract with your interpretation as you like.

Chalisa Chanchuvanichkul We’ve all heard of the saying: ‘After the rain comes the rainbow’, symbolising the glorious time after the worst. That’s
Hannah Murray We met with the fabulous Beth Reeks, a warm, down-to-earth Life Model with a vintage style keen to
Cal Miles These illustrations came out of the dark reality of graduating; not knowing where my future is and the
Chloe Baker-Cooper This project documents a group of young motorcyclists based in Norwich and the lifestyle they lead. Having been
Chloe Darnill Portrait top right and below this text is of model Karina using studio window light.  The other images are
Chloe Ellis Daily commuters in the thousands they go,  Driving over the backbone of our town, do they know?  Propelled
Denize Orlovska Words: Denize Orlovska, Illustration
Ella Flood Packaging design in response to the word 'Hench', meaning 'someone tough-looking or muscular, someone you wouldn't want to
Erin Ruane Inspired by modern digital media and my own explorative self-expression, my visual style mixes cut-out images from magazines
Ethan Brown  This university task was to rebrand and create a new Visual Identity for a local Norwich brand —
Leah McGhee An interview with third-year Textile Design student, Rosie-May Greenbank, joy-seeker and colour wizard. Rosie talks about her piece on finding
Helen Harlow My interest in editorial illustration means that I aim to depict topics in a more conceptual way, and
Kieshona Brown  This is a story of a time in my life when I felt most helpless, all thanks to
Ibrahim Raza The overall concept of my photos is to mix fashion photography with art and to express my internal
Imogen Hawgood Suburbia is the embodiment of both the American Dream and the slowly unfolding crisis which has followed as America
Imogen Jade Hurn This work was inspired by a question I have been researching throughout my unit 'Does social media
Ingrida Bagdonaite This Student Fashion Show scene caught my eye due to the masks and ambient lighting that create a
Beth Graham and Beth Stilgoe As a child, we view the world in a different light to our more experienced,
Jake Newbury Soma – Have You Had Your Daily Dose? is a response to the theme of soma, a drug used
Jess Anderson Experimentation with long exposure settings to capture the movement of light.  Words: Jess Anderson, Fashion, Communication, and Promotion,
Jessica Platt These are artworks from a personal project, visualising dream-like landscapes and figures that contain psychedelic, Halloween aesthetics. Heavily influenced by
Ji-Young Kim These photos embody what this odd and colourful bodysuit represents. A contrast itself of the meaning and the visuals. This
Joanna Walker The series of work explores the connection between humans and nature. I wanted to show a model out
Karolis Arbaciauskas 'Cerulean'  The process behind this piece was very experimental, from start to finish. I wanted to create a render
Lily Barber My work explores the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder and the subsequent reliance on sunlight. Producing work from
Liza Koroleva This image is an exploration of spiritual wellness. Karina is on the search for meaning and purpose in
Melina Wilde I often use art to have a conversation with myself. The initial starting point for this piece was
Oliver Saunders Fear of the dark is innate.  Fear of the dark is innate. Our eyes fail to recognise a once familiar surrounding and
Patrick Smith A city of sand, but wonder to most  Don’t forget the culture that comes with the host  A
Poppy Chapman My subject matter for this set focuses on bringing light and humour into the otherwise mundane and repetitive every day. 
Rebecca Lee, Gabriella Molinari and Elleanor Woods FCP student and Creative Director Gabriella Molinari were initially influenced by androgyny, the combination
Rhys Griffin Words: Rhys Griffin, Film and Moving Image Production Writing: Sean Goddard and Alex Stedman  Producing: Shirmaine Ong, Colleen Lee and Rhys
Scott Soley My work focuses on exploring the use of dark tones within nature, comparing the effectiveness of the ambient
Beth Graham History is such an important part of society, it’s something we all take for granted, especially the amount
Sherlyn Goh In this series, I explore the concept of androgyny and question the gender roles that are defined and
Simon Rogers This character is inspired by the Photographer Jono Rotman and his portrait series featuring the Mighty Mongrel Mob,
Sophie Banks Attraction against repulsion is a reoccurring theme within my sculptures. The pink sculpture in the photos is based upon drawings
Stephen Johnson  In 2018, the subject of redevelopment is nearly always met with controversy. While the general consensus appears that it may
Tatiana Susvaliuc  Since I was a child, I remember myself watching the stars every night before going to bed, exploring
Luke Taylor No, I’m not referring to Frozen.  Let’s be honest, learning to let go is easier said than done.
Kieshona Brown One of the things I am most proud of is being a 90s kid. I know you have
Gigi Soh Disclaimer: The reason behind writing this article is not to point fingers or set rules on how one
Amelia Naomi For all the wealth of diversity in the courses we study, there is certainly one thing we can
Yannis Giannetakis Jim Jarmusch’s jazz western.  A young accountant by the name of William Blake, a name ingeniously chosen to
Gemma Shingles Introvert  I am stood in a room full of people,  all of which I don’t know.  I feel
Beth Graham We all know the feeling of getting home after a long day, where you just want to settle
Chalisa Chanchuvanichkul We live in a world of weird beauty standards. We relentlessly try to improve our appearances, convinced that
Robert Burton ‘Grad’ is an improvised, hand-drawn stop motion animation, created in one day as part of a series of experiments. 
Hannah Teather What is the light that we search for within ourselves? The one that flickers and threatens to burn out
Sophie Anderson When is your phone most harmful? Is it when scrolling, subscribing and staring into the glare of the