Release date: September 24th 2019

Introducing Storehouse Issue 19: ‘Process’ .

We want to understand your art as a process, not just a product. Process can be interpreted as a series of changes or steps taken, or how something is dealt with. It can also be interpreted more literally, like a process of printing/mark making/image generation etc.

These ideas are just prompts, be as creative and abstract with your interpretation of the theme as you like. We want to showcase the diversity of talent at this University.

Kieshona Brown  This summer I got very familiar with the backseat of a cop car. I know what it sounds
Ainsley Eagle Recreating the concept of the Doggy Bag to encourage people to take their leftovers home with them, rather
Alice Laycock Interior Design is the archetype of a discipline dominated by the process.  The piece which I have since
Niamh Fitzgerald These pieces I created as a visual representation of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. To achieve this, I wanted to
Anna Ward In a gesture, I am attempting to exalt the mundane and elevate everyday objects. I looked upon the juxtaposing boundaries between the fluidity
Amy Harman Architectural Planes investigates urban environments through colour and shape. Observing the architectural planes from various angles to create
Ashley Jade Backhouse When I think of the word process, I think of growth, something adapting over a course of time
Barbara Wei SAVOR magazine, to delight in and savour the alone moments. It is based on the attitude of being alone, and the
Benjamin Leach My photography always stems from curiosity. I am always conscious of my surroundings, intrigued by the small nuances within my
Benjamin McLeister Fitting with the theme of ‘Process’, ‘Typography & Movement’ arrived after working on a brief set by university,
Ben Tyreman I created this artwork based around the themes of hyperrealism and portraiture, and what is considered as a
Beth Freer Background about the Competition (taken from NUA website):  BA (Hons) Fine Art student Bethany Freer is one of ten
Callum Ritchie Dominic Lovegrove and I worked on a collaboration project with The Norfolk Broads Society. We worked collaboration a lot into
Catia Pimentel “Corrosion” is the consolidation of my exploration within materials, processes and techniques.   Process is a key element in my
Catrin Hâf Feron I created these pieces after studying the photographic concept of ‘the male gaze’. Within these images, you
Chani Blears The process has become the most important thing when it comes to my current practice. Over the last
Charlotte Kent From office workers to students, to young families, all walks of life can be found in the hustle and bustle that is
Beth Graham I want you to think of your first teddy bear. Think of how much you loved it, how
Chloe Stockwell Cyanotype is a heritage printing process from the 19th century, using chemicals to produce a cyan-blue print. After adding the
Cara MacNally This series shot in 2018 explores forgotten locations that were found in rural and urban parts of Italy.
Jason Brown ‘Process’: a slightly different theme from our some of our previous ones, we asked you to submit work showing
Eleanor Lamb This project was a university brief in collaboration with The Broads Authority.  ‘Spot The Broads' is an interactive wildlife and plant
Elise Carter This summer, I had the opportunity to work with the digital team at Graduate Fashion Week 2019 with
Ellen Grace Folkard “Paths, words and the rhythm and ritual of walking help me to navigate myself and the world.”Brits,
Emily Saunders A piece based around movement and fluidity, taking inspiration from classical Japanese culture. I was particularly inspired by
Jason Brown This was a live brief with the Broads Authority to produce a web app for them. The aim
Frances Hammond In response to the House of Illustration’s ‘Illuminated Alphabet’ competition, I created a different letter each day throughout
Freya Elise There’s a rather strange beauty in the reclaimed, giving the forgotten paper a new purpose & meaning. It
Harriet Spalding The process of entering a funfair is presented through the sensory feelings using type, shape and colour. The
Imogen Hawgood The constant process of transformation brought about by the interplay of surfaces and light has been observed by
Isabelle Cyr To reach a resolved piece of work I rely on different drawing techniques, of which the most important to
Jack Lennon Games development can be a very lengthy process to go from an idea in your head to a
Jack Thompson The process is everything in the art world: it’s a journey from an idea to a finished piece and
Jake Mayes For these photographs, I wanted to pursue the idea of the process by interpreting the topic of subconsciousness
Joe Prendergast This work was created as a means of challenging my existing practice, which centred around using a studio
Karolis Arbaciauskas Defined as the self-analysis and observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes, introspection is an important skill which
Katherine Morton We often think of ‘process’ as something that is complete, but not every project is completed, and not every project is
Katie Collins Process takes on many different forms in my work. It’s important for me to acknowledge my process because,
Amy Harman Responding to the Sainsbury’s vision of creating a space to ‘experience art as part of their everyday environment’
Lois Wilson This piece aims to visually communicate the process of 2D, frame-by-frame, digital animation. The use of the ‘onion
Lorraine Cooke I am an alumnus of NUA currently working between the UK and Cyprus. As a former gallery Manager and Curator of Art1821
Elizabeth Fijalkowski Magenta City was a personal project I created in Photoshop. I had been inspired by the cyberpunk background
Maisie Moffat A literal representation of this issue’s theme of Process, these images show the evolution of my project inspired by
Molly Broomfield The first Maggie’s Centre opened in Edinburgh in 1996 and since then Maggie’s has continued to grow, with
Nic Gordon This animation was my final outcome for my degree. I wanted to bring my love of dance and performance into
Cara MacNally Deforestation is an extremely current issue that affects every one of us on earth and one that will
Amy Harman The idea of process is extremely important within my personal creative practice. My research report Process: Accessibility, Repetition
Beth Graham 125 plastic bottles. 213 bottle tops. 50 miscellaneous plastic trays and products. All of this was collected in
Rachel Lloyd Over Here! I’m that dog that’s running around the park off the lead, full pelt at picnics and stealing meal deals. Sniffing
Rebecca Sayer I created this render as part of a collaboration project. It is an experimental piece that was inspired
Leah McGhee Some seeds can not sprout   unless they are burnt first.  There are lilies in South Africa  that wait for wildfires.  
Rob Burton These images were the result of a series of improvised stop motion animations, in which collages and pen
Roisin Delaney Process.  My artwork is never complete, or at least never has an end. I find with my artwork
Ruth Brittain In the spring term of 2019, Year 2 Graphic Communication student, Asha Wilson and the NUA Students’ Union
Sahil Bhardwaj Just like art, the process of creation is omnipresent in most human activities. The mesmerizing process of weaving a traditional Indian cot is an
Samuel Weston I am a photographer based in London and Norwich, and I take fashion-inspired portraits. As much I love my
Sid Jones The Still Life and the Landscape are two of the most traditional processes practiced in classical art. Whilst
Gigi Soh Focal point: Practicing the art of subtraction in the process of finding your way through life.  When we
KIeshona Brown There is a stigma surrounding seeking help. As people, we don’t like to admit that we don’t have all
Storehouse Heads of Issue 19 As Storehouse becomes more and more known across NUA and Norwich and involves more and
Jason Brown ‘UX’ is a buzzword that is thrown about by a lot of people these days. What does it actually
Thomas Hardwick ‘The Freepost’ is a campaign that is designed to increase the level of awareness of unjustly imprisoned human rights
Victoria Paulley A collection of interlocking shapes designed with endless possibilities. The pieces have gone through a variety of processes
Luke Taylor Step 1) Realize you’re unsure of what you’re doing with your life right now.  Step 2) Have an existential
Chalisa Chanchuvanichkul WRITTEN FROM MY OWN UNFORTUNATE EXPERIENCE  I’ve always had quite bad luck when it comes to travelling. Things
Kieshona Brown Exes. If you’ve ever had the unfortunate opportunity of breaking up with someone you thought would be the
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