‘Reality & Illusion’

Release date: March 24th 2020

Reality is subject to the mind’s creation.

Diane Stein

Illusion can be interpreted as an essential factor within creativity. Then, so could reality. Human nature compels us to capture what we see as our own reality and to express that perception, in order to obtain validation or acceptance. Often simultaneously, illusions of thoughts, feelings, visions and cultures are essential to art.

We want issue 20 to show the convergence of art, reality and illusion.

Hannah Game Photography: Hannah Game, Storehouse Content Team, @hjgamephotography
Becki Ball Ikagi is a small collection of prints inspired by the colours and translucency featured in Dale Chihuly’s glass
Emma Chilicuisa Upon thinking about reality and illusion, I was flooded with loads of ideas right away, my first idea was
Benjamin McLeister Using expired film on a slightly broken camera made for some interesting illusions.   Each photo was shot in London on
Alice Laycock How interior design in social media can be used to help, not hinder. As a generation, we are well
Emily Stewart Push your fingers all the way into the luxury of opera gloves, with the glamour of fur, an
Imogen Hawgood ‘Americans were seduced into accepting the automobile as the embodiment of modern dreams, urges, and passions’   Stephen Heller, co-author
Morgan Wright Speculative Zoology is a study in which scientists and artists predict the possible evolutionary outcomes of organisms that
Daniel Randall Untitled (Hands 1) was my first real step into digital media. Using paint to act as a green-screen, I
Deborah Dickinson Friedrich Hegel once said, ‘art expresses the spirit of a culture or age.’ This notion illustrates the self-expression that is
Freya Elise I long for magic, I crave it in every piece of fiction I come across. Life is so plain & dull & stale & I want
Lewis Wyatt Despite reaching my third year of studying photography at NUA, I have yet to truly narrow down why
Layla Weiss “Red Sea” is a series of shots I did for Kingsley. He approached me asking me to help
Thomas Goddard My practice has always been rooted in reality and illusion, coming from an optical art background with influences such as Bridget Riley, my goal
Hannah Boyce Contemporary Wabi-Sabi draws on honest aspects of reality, for example, nature, natural processes and craftsmanship. Wabi-Sabi reconstructs these
Frances Hammond  The convergence of illusion and reality was central to my illustrations of ‘The Seventh Horse’, a short story
Beth Graham It’s safe to say that we all live in somewhat of an illusion when it comes to our
Beth Graham “When I grow up, I want to be just like *insert name here*” It is fair to say
Uzi Okotcha Sometimes we don’t know how to exist. A series of images depicting self-reflection and self-questioning conscious when reality
Sean Goddard For children the physical act of drawing and creating is a key part of their development and helps
Gaby Regan Your mindset is what can influence reality.  It takes thoughts and feelings to make a change for each individual and
Jake Mayes With these photographs, I wanted to portray reality and illusion with the use of double exposing film while
Zara Liddell Whilst looking into Y2K nostalgia ‘Killa Cowgirl’ was created in collaboration between Zara Liddell and Marnie Hubbard. Focusing on
Sarah Mark Transcription is understood as phonetic, however, personally, I understand it as an idea of entering inside and extracting the object or structure
Gigi Soh The answer towards the long-standing debate between “Art imitating Life, and Life imitating Art”, just like that of
Katie Billham We’re stood in front of the mirror again. Poke this, prod that. Stretch, grab, twist, pull, until red
Sammy Tapp and Georgia Lauren Graham Painting and the collision with reality and illusion.   The act of painting provides for
ALICE QUINN The main concept of my design was to show the narrative of Dorian Gray, focussing on the decay
Lucia Calcagni When we see, what do we see? Is that what is actually there, or just what we want to be seeing?  
Vaineta Keraityte, Eleanor Needham, Luke McGarrigle, Drew Hardman, Lauren Walker and Chloe Boston With loneliness in the elderly rising in the UK,
Emily Mitchell illusion  /ɪˈluːʒ(ə)n/  noun  an instance of a wrong or misinterpreted perception of a sensory experience.  a deceptive appearance
Melina Wilde These ideas keep me here, rooted, transfixed to a spot, dissolving in absinthe, a sugar cube. The angels
Amelia Naomi How the female voice has come to be heard through the rise of indie mags  Magazines are the
Chloe Turner free social obligations make me  shove my fingers down my throat,  i’m taught not to be proud  of my
Sean Hendley Nearing midnight, escaped from the proximity of my ‘roommate’, crouched on the floor of a hotel room, I
Fraser McCormick This is part of an ongoing self-initiated motion and print project, where I am visually communicating anxiety. Anxiety is
Beth Graham, Gigi Soh, Hannah Game and Uzi Okotcha What a wild ride Issue 20 has been! With so many
Erin Ruane La Muralla Roja, Spanish for ‘The Red Wall’, is a colourful postmodern apartment complex that is known for
Ollie Turner A newspaper design that emphasises the global warming crisis and pollution around the world for the global activist campaign,
Harriet Laws-Herd My interest in this project began with the idea of embodiment within virtual reality, this idea has been
Jade-Ashleigh Archives and piles of collated images and objects scatter my studio, such as an inherited soap collection from my
Holly Battle Virtual reality is an immersive experience which allows people to wear a headset and place them in curated,
Jack Taylor Music is one of the most diverse and creative forms of artistic media due to its endless variety
George Davison Words: George Davison, Graphic Communication, @gtd_stuff
Ailish Beadle The gallery once the doors shut: imagine if all the art that we see in galleries comes to life. Imagine exhibitions
Poppy Corbett The aspect of reality is shown though the documentations of current youth culture, in a series of film
Cressi Sowerbutts What is it with witchcraft, the talk of tarot, problem-solving using planets? It is undeniable that there has
Ellen Sibley After coming across the phenomenon of visual agnosia, a neurological disorder which affects a person’s ability to recognise