Together, Together: The Home Issue

Release date: 17th September 2020

In moments of adversity, the world looks to the creative community for direction, resolve and optimism. The events of this year have compelled us all to explore the concept of ‘home’; from the literal, domestic meaning to the intangible, abstract questions of who and what home is for each of us as individuals. Amid desolation, realisation and hope, we’re all in the search of feeling at home.

For Storehouse’s 21st (issue), we want to document the way the NUA community has internalised and reacted to foreign-familiarity. By using technology to focus on authentic connections, our community still grows and develops remotely; together, together.

Aleisha Blowers My sense of belonging has been in limbo for two years, And I don’t think it’ll ever change.
Emma-Louise Hannaway In the last night outs before lockdown, we managed to film Martini’s Inner Circle. The essence of this project is
Alice Laycock Picture a woman sat on a cold stone ledge, abutted by horsehair upholstered bolsters at either side of her physique. Her russet-red curls cascade over her
Alice Laycock In the halcyon childhood days of many people, there are a few hazy recollections involving the creating of hideaways out
Katie Billham Home is somewhere we all seem to have found ourselves a lot recently, and for many of us Uni students, that has meant
Rachel Cottrell In 2020, the world is experiencing more societal upheaval than COVID-19 alone. Yemen’s fate hangs in the balance due to the impact
Toby Mclaren Aballone is a project started by Hannah Roadknight and I. We both had the vision of creating and
Imogen Hawgood The freedom of the American open road has been a powerful image for generations on both sides of
Lois Wilson In response to the word ‘together’, this piece represents guidance and support in relation to mental health. The study of hands comes from direct references of my hand as well as the hand of my younger sibling, who is currently struggling, but slowly opening up. As someone who deals with mental health issues myself, I find that it is very important to check in on people as they may be suffering in silence. This piece also aims to encourage people to seek professional help when things become unmanageable, knowing that people will support and help you.  Words: Lois Wilson, Animation, @lois.sketchbook
Niamh Fitzgerald I drew this piece in the first week of lockdown when we were navigating this new way of life as
Hannah Game The reality is this is our first experiences of a global pandemic, and if you’re anything like me you’ll be experiencing
Sean Hendley Pregnant with her first child, Androulla Michael, (friend, fine artist, and NUA alumni), has been surviving an extreme reality of lockdown,
Leah McGhee During lockdown, I had been missing a lot of things, but I didn’t expect one of them to be strangers. Typically, I’d be desperate to
Sean Hendley There’s something about the notion of ‘home’ or ‘feeling at home’ – if the two aren’t the same
Holly Wise As an Architecture student, it’s a wonderful experience to take what you learn in the classroom outside, to further your understanding. To be
Michael Christodoulou Lockdown meant being away from the people we love. Despite, technology thriving to bring us together, it is the authentic connections with humans we miss. And, I was left constantly in search of wanting to
William George Above the Breakers is a series I have shot on my drone recently, on a rough windy evening along the Norfolk coast. In
Ruth Brittain Spending more time at home and with many people having more time on their hands, it’s important get
Elizabeth Barrell The dining room is one of the most important rooms in the household. A room that not only provides nourishment, but also acts as a place to gather and socialize with the people we care
Gaby Regan Home. There’s no place like it. But our interpretations of its meaning can differ based on our individual experiences. The conventional
Kerry Bensley Over the past few months, pets across the world have had the absolute time of their lives. Having their
William George This is an image I took while out exploring my small Norfolk town in lockdown with my drone. I have discovered our local
Thomas French Lockdown has hit everyone in different ways, creating new challenges for everyone to overcome. One of them is being stuck at
Katie Foreman This submission piece is all about the things that we have found to make ourselves happy during lockdown.
Louise Aspinall These photographs are a part of a series I had taken two years back. They were taken for a first-year magazine project,
Jack Taylor At the beginning of lockdown, I found myself stuck with a lack of facilities making it harder to
Jack Taylor Music helps people come together, and in self-isolation that is no different; many bands and musicians are still creating music
Rachel Lloyd There is simplicity, clutter, and safety; not daring to be too difficult, but not like anything you have done before.  
Maya Chessman Now more than ever it feels important that our homes help us to feel physically safe. This feeling acts as a link to those people who lived before
Hannah Berry The Lockdown Series is a project I started on Instagram dedicated to documenting peoples’ photos and experiences from their time
Cressi Sowerbutts Images: Cressi Sowerbutts, Storehouse Content Team, @cccressi
Cressi Sowerbutts 2020, the year the world shut down. We hid from the ‘invisible killer’ in the sanctity of our homes laden with coverings, sanitizer and ‘KEEP YOUR DISTANCE’ signage. So what
Gigi Soh [Tag lines: In response to the pandemic/ The confinements of lockdown/ Post-Covid 19]  In all honesty, how many of
Catarina Dos Santos Azevedo When the smell of detergent and fresh air emerges, there’s a feeling of ‘home’. Words and illustration: Catarina
Joshua Taplin With the current situation of Covid-19 affecting our daily lives, the time we spend at home has changed
Tommy Grimmer This small project documents a series of ambient light projections through the windows of our hotel, where my
Emily Mitchell This shoot represents my photographic interpretation of home. Wild swimming at Walpole Bay is something I have dearly missed, and has been a welcome relief during this very stressful time.
Freya Elise We spend most of our time in a home of sorts; though geographical placement isn’t always homely. The idea of
Becki Ball  My submission was created during lockdown at home, using materials and equipment I already owned, by making use
Jacob Millington For this project, we were tasked with creating interior fabrics. These woven pieces were inspired by the details
Karolis Arbaciauskas While the world does indeed look to artists for “direction, resolve and optimism”, I wanted to take a darker
Richard Wood Whilst at the beginning of lockdown I was struck by how considerate and friendly people have become to strangers
Viola Williams This year, more than ever, we have to stand together.  Since the start of Covid-19, there has been 523,011 deaths, and
Kieran Cook CCTV Church is a project I have started during lockdown out of frustration. Not being able to leave the house, meant