‘Gone, Gone Again – The Nostalgia Issue’

Release date: 13th April 2021

Nostalgia— for some, it’s a peaceful, palpable ‘trip down memory lane’, for others it warns a state of acute yearning for the irrecoverable. For one person it’s pallid homesickness, for another it’s a wistful, barely-there feeling of sentimentality. Nostalgia can be directed at and prompted by a variety of things; from tangible objects and familiar phrases, to physical places and particular people, both past and present. More abstractly, the notion of nostalgia is inextricably linked to the passing of time and the five senses. It can be considered both as something to be overcome or to be embraced; or, often, both. Presenting Issue 22 of Storehouse: what does nostalgia mean to you?

Hannah Game Nostalgia is a feeling that is constantly lingering, whether you know it or not. This can be triggered
Chloe Powell My piece is a collage of photos I took during the first Covid-19 lockdown. I made a lot
Ellen Hester The Robin in the Garden is a second-year project which I thought would be fitting for this issue.
Amelia Snook Nostalgia to me is running into my Nan’s bungalow and grabbing whatever snacks that I could get my
Chloe Chapman From a very young age I have been absent-mindedly collecting odds and ends, stuffing them into my pockets
Alice Laycock A stage. Framed lavishly, positively dripping in gem-toned swathes, but what takes place between and behind is not a Broadway show, nor
Abbi May Zivengwa This piece represents an intimate view, somewhere between a mischievous intrusion and a welcome invitation, into the
Aleisha Blowers When I think of the word Nostalgia, I think of the absolute ache that the feeling has always had on
Alexander Woosey Honing station, Honing, North Norfolk. First explored early summer of 2020. This place has quickly become one of my
Alice Hampton On my 4th birthday, my mum took me to my first ever ballet lesson in a cold, echoey hall
Amber-Rose Thorpe We all miss the days that we were able to be entertained for hours on end by a
Gaby Regan When I step into my nostalgic time machine, I go back to a time where photos were stored
Rebecca Simmons Nostalgia is always associated with my favourite holiday town, Mojácar, Spain. Ever since I was little my family and two close
Elizabeth Ferguson My current project documents a series of coastal landscapes around my childhood home and highlights the environmental issues that
Maisie Cuthbert For a recent project in BA3a, we had to design materials for a restaurant interior in 2035. I predicted
Rach Lloyd This Piece is a response to a poem made using Tristan Tzara’s ‘Cut and Paste’ technique. The piece
Thomas Goddard I got some funny looks when I mentioned to friends and family that I’d be focusing on Minecraft as my form of nostalgia. I don’t
Ryan Gilks To me, the feeling of nostalgia is driven by aesthetics in visual culture where connections are made through
Emily Johnson In times of instability and uncertainty there is a strong instinct to turn to nostalgia for comfort and normality.   Over the past year, the
Georgia Wilding-Glendye Hometown was taken during the first lockdown. I have never shot in my hometown and since I cannot
Jack Taylor When on the topic of music, many are driven back to the songs from their youth, but most
Kerry Bensley The feeling we all know but can never experience in the same way. The nostalgia and emotions we
Mi Kim Inspired by a Korean Artist Do Ho Suh’s installation artwork, this restaurant is a collaboration with Korean traditional
Muneerah Yate As a British-Muslim, I constantly find inspiration from my dual English and Iranian heritage. My practice is socially
Patricia Mercer-David I think we can all agree that 2020 was a particularly challenging year. In the surreal period of
Sophie Ebbage Inspired by the phantom nostalgia brought about Declan McKenna’s album ‘Zeros’. Heavily influenced by 70s glam rock and
Paula Averkamp People and places are two of the main themes that inspire my work and often commence a nostalgia
Thomas Langton A project undertaken during my second year, the Architectural Manifesto brief was to take inspiration from the graphical representation and imperative tone
Tommy Grimmer This trio of images have been produced surrounding the idea of memory. I wanted to create a set of images that relate
Katie Billham I sit, in the same place I always do, my work a mindless map of words on the
Yasmin Noonan Nostalgia to me means experiences and memories that occurred during my younger years and which inevitably morphed me into what I
 Leah McGhee I’ve been dreaming of you on these neighbourless nights;  nights devoid of self-inflicted cryptids and I’m still habitually restless.    I
Cressi Sowerbutts “Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life” —Bill Cunningham  Kurt Cobain’s cardigan from Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged performance (1993); the classic Coco Chanel suit
Hannah Berry For a while after the new magazine theme was released, I kept trying to write about all of
Mila Meijerink For me nostalgia is often reflecting on my past self. Recently Ive been looking into personality types and presenting them in terms of
Sasha Potgieter Southend-On-Sea, 24th December 2020, captured on 35mm film   A whimsical iridescent faerie, carving the innocence of connection through a
Uzoma Okotcha (This series of images explore closeness and distance)  I never know where to start when it comes to nostalgia.
Gigi Soh The mutual understanding amongst people towards the feeling of homesickness stems from the longing for home and family