‘Metamorphosis: Make Time For Change’

Release date: October 4th 2021

Metamorphosis has definitions in all walks of life, but the essence of these definitions always stems back to the idea of change. Metamorphosis is the process of profound transformation, from one stage of life to the next. Change is a dominate force throughout nature and something we all navigate regularly as our lives are constantly metamorphosising. Change can be many things but is never as simple as just ‘good’ or ‘bad’, deriving from the most complex of situations to the simplest. Ultimately, change, and therefore metamorphosis, can only transpire from individual experience. It’s not black and white, but a spectrum ready to explore.

Presenting Issue 23 of Storehouse: Metamorphosis – Make Time for Change.

Emily Johnson (She/Her) Films have the ability to shift perspectives, educate and effectively communicate across language and cultural barriers. Through
Alistair Clougher (He/Him) Metamorphosis Defined – A biological process by which an animal physically develops after birth or hatching, involving
Freya Kemp (She/Her) This is an extract from my graphic novel Uprooted. The story is based on personal experiences with
Hannah Game (She/Her) Throughout our lives, we all go through many changes that not only shape us but define who
Harriet Reeve (She/Her) Within my work I do not attempt to present an accurate deception of a visual reality. Using
Lois Brandon (She/Her) I’ve always wanted to be a minimalist; to keep things simple, to create clean, black and white
Harry Sofokleous (He/him) Social media has become a massive catalyst for social and cultural change in our generation. Budding activists
Harry Sofokleous (He/Him), Jack Taylor (He/Him) Harry works in a record store. And Jack buys too many records. Together they
Phoebe Owen (She/Her) A summer illustration of my optimism for the sunny season – just need to find an appropriate
Katie Billham (She/Her) Who do I want to be today? Open up the wardrobe doors, stare blankly at the rows
Ruby Williams (She/Her) The theme ‘Metamorphosis’ reminds me of how different both me and my friends have become after over
Nicola Bates, (She/Her) I find change difficult, especially ground shaking, life-impacting change. I’ve gone through a few of those recently
Mila Meijerink, (She,Her) It’s a feeling, a mood, an energy that fills the empty space. With intentions of discovering something
Stephanie Ndaguba (She/Her) Change is something I believe we should all start to embrace as a constant. When I was
Liv Nightingale, (She/Her) Fact: Change is inevitable. Another Fact: I was not a fan of change. Truth be told, it
Tommy Grimmer (He/Him) These portraits show some of my friends, but more importantly, young men. I did not intend for
Tatiana Diakonova (She/Her) Is our metamorphosis caused by the butterfly effect? Does the way we evolve over timedepend on the
Steven Pascoe (He/Him) The work produced is an example of how you can manipulate reality by the use of mixed
Sophia Kapoor (She/Her) Fragile Regions is a floral photographic collection acting as a visual metaphor for the humanitarian crisis that
Poppy Lam (She/Her) ‘I created this illustration with the intent to portray personal growth/change. I tried to subtly symbolise this
Patricia Mercer-David (She/Her) If we want to grow, we must be open-minded and willing to take on board new perspectives
Kira Balla (She/Her) Crystallography is an exploration of crystalline structures and precious stones. Inspired by geometrical shapes, modern architecture and
Kieran Cook (He/Him) In response to our species’ access to the internet, our attitudes towards our bodies are changing. Fortunately,
Callum Wells (He/Him) Today, I believe ‘making time for change’ is the key principle for moving towards a more accepting
Chloe Leeder (She/Her) Created as an opportunity to capture the small, fleeting moments of lockdown, Frozen in Time uses ice
Elisenda De Wit Roy (She/Her) These are still images from a Fashion Film that talks about emerging to a new
Frances Hammond (She/Her) Exploring the space between life and death was my aim when creating inside book illustrations for George
Holly Carr (She/Her) NR is an upper-case geometric display typeface based on the famous Nurburgring race track in Germany. NR
James Coote (He/Him) Selected works taken of Fiona McCormick (@mccormick.fi0na) in a makeshift home studio set up I created during
Joe Gregory (He/Him) My initial thoughts when I came across this on my walk were confusion, disbelief and amazement. It
Future Effects Of Hybridisation
Katie Foreman (She/Her) The illustration that I have submitted relates to metamorphosis through the idea of change in both physical