Kellen Playford

Take your practice to new heights, refine your technical skills and explore the cultural and historical context of your work on our Creative Skillset accredited MA Moving Image and Sound Masters degree course.

Challenge your audio-visual practice and strive for originality through experimentation with concepts, issues and materials relating to moving image and/or sound design.

Course information

Robert Burton ‘Grad’ is an improvised, hand-drawn stop motion animation, created in one day as part of a series of experiments. 
Rob Burton These images were the result of a series of improvised stop motion animations, in which collages and pen
Emmalouise Smith A film within a film within a film within a film… set in a cinema, toying with traditional film
Kellen Playford "Moving Portraits is a series of short documentaries about artists that focus on representation and aesthetics. Each film centers on
Emmalouise Smith These photos are taken from a short film titled ‘Grow Up.’ Emmalouise cast fellow NUA students, Scarlett Archibald-Wright