Richard Wood Whilst at the beginning of lockdown I was struck by how considerate and friendly people have become to strangers
Robert Burton ‘Grad’ is an improvised, hand-drawn stop motion animation, created in one day as part of a series of experiments. 
Sarah Mark Transcription is understood as phonetic, however, personally, I understand it as an idea of entering inside and extracting the object or structure
Victoria Paulley A collection of interlocking shapes designed with endless possibilities. The pieces have gone through a variety of processes
Rob Burton These images were the result of a series of improvised stop motion animations, in which collages and pen
Ellen Grace Folkard “Paths, words and the rhythm and ritual of walking help me to navigate myself and the world.”Brits,
Callum Ritchie Dominic Lovegrove and I worked on a collaboration project with The Norfolk Broads Society. We worked collaboration a lot into
Ingrida Bagdonaite This Student Fashion Show scene caught my eye due to the masks and ambient lighting that create a
Chloe Baker-Cooper This project documents a group of young motorcyclists based in Norwich and the lifestyle they lead. Having been
Frances Kennedy A series of Projection Visuals made for performance.  ‘The idea was to create a multi-sensory environment for our audience. We
Emmalouise Smith A film within a film within a film within a film… set in a cinema, toying with traditional film
Kellen Playford "Moving Portraits is a series of short documentaries about artists that focus on representation and aesthetics. Each film centers on
Emmalouise Smith These photos are taken from a short film titled ‘Grow Up.’ Emmalouise cast fellow NUA students, Scarlett Archibald-Wright
Doron Beuns A collection of work from Doron's self-destructed self-portrait series. Doron was also one of our shortlisted artists for
Tin Tran An interview with our cover competition winner, Tin Tran. All of the team fell in love with Tin’s