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Harry Sofokleous (He/him) Social media has become a massive catalyst for social and cultural change in our generation. Budding activists
Emily Johnson (She/Her) Films have the ability to shift perspectives, educate and effectively communicate across language and cultural barriers. Through
Nicola Bates, (She/Her) I find change difficult, especially ground shaking, life-impacting change. I’ve gone through a few of those recently
Hannah Game (She/Her) Throughout our lives, we all go through many changes that not only shape us but define who
Harry Sofokleous (He/Him), Jack Taylor (He/Him) Harry works in a record store. And Jack buys too many records. Together they
Katie Billham (She/Her) Who do I want to be today? Open up the wardrobe doors, stare blankly at the rows
Mila Meijerink, (She,Her) It’s a feeling, a mood, an energy that fills the empty space. With intentions of discovering something
Liv Nightingale, (She/Her) Fact: Change is inevitable. Another Fact: I was not a fan of change. Truth be told, it
Alice Laycock A stage. Framed lavishly, positively dripping in gem-toned swathes, but what takes place between and behind is not a Broadway show, nor
Hannah Game Nostalgia is a feeling that is constantly lingering, whether you know it or not. This can be triggered
Gaby Regan When I step into my nostalgic time machine, I go back to a time where photos were stored
Gigi Soh The mutual understanding amongst people towards the feeling of homesickness stems from the longing for home and family
Jack Taylor When on the topic of music, many are driven back to the songs from their youth, but most
Katie Billham I sit, in the same place I always do, my work a mindless map of words on the
Cressi Sowerbutts “Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life” —Bill Cunningham  Kurt Cobain’s cardigan from Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged performance (1993); the classic Coco Chanel suit
 Leah McGhee I’ve been dreaming of you on these neighbourless nights;  nights devoid of self-inflicted cryptids and I’m still habitually restless.    I
Sasha Potgieter Southend-On-Sea, 24th December 2020, captured on 35mm film   A whimsical iridescent faerie, carving the innocence of connection through a
Uzoma Okotcha (This series of images explore closeness and distance)  I never know where to start when it comes to nostalgia.
Alice Laycock In the halcyon childhood days of many people, there are a few hazy recollections involving the creating of hideaways out
Katie Billham Home is somewhere we all seem to have found ourselves a lot recently, and for many of us Uni students, that has meant
Alice Laycock Picture a woman sat on a cold stone ledge, abutted by horsehair upholstered bolsters at either side of her physique. Her russet-red curls cascade over her
Hannah Game The reality is this is our first experiences of a global pandemic, and if you’re anything like me you’ll be experiencing
Sean Hendley Pregnant with her first child, Androulla Michael, (friend, fine artist, and NUA alumni), has been surviving an extreme reality of lockdown,
Leah McGhee During lockdown, I had been missing a lot of things, but I didn’t expect one of them to be strangers. Typically, I’d be desperate to
Sean Hendley There’s something about the notion of ‘home’ or ‘feeling at home’ - if the two aren’t the same
Gaby Regan Home. There’s no place like it. But our interpretations of its meaning can differ based on our individual experiences. The conventional
Gigi Soh [Tag lines: In response to the pandemic/ The confinements of lockdown/ Post-Covid 19]  In all honesty, how many of
Jack Taylor At the beginning of lockdown, I found myself stuck with a lack of facilities making it harder to
Jack Taylor Music helps people come together, and in self-isolation that is no different; many bands and musicians are still creating music
Cressi Sowerbutts Images: Cressi Sowerbutts, Storehouse Content Team, @cccressi
Cressi Sowerbutts 2020, the year the world shut down. We hid from the ‘invisible killer’ in the sanctity of our homes laden with coverings, sanitizer and ‘KEEP YOUR DISTANCE’ signage. So what
Freya Elise We spend most of our time in a home of sorts; though geographical placement isn’t always homely. The idea of
Cressi Sowerbutts What is it with witchcraft, the talk of tarot, problem-solving using planets? It is undeniable that there has
Jack Taylor Music is one of the most diverse and creative forms of artistic media due to its endless variety
Beth Graham, Gigi Soh, Hannah Game and Uzi Okotcha What a wild ride Issue 20 has been! With so many
Kieshona Brown A relationship: it can be one of the most beautiful experiences a person will ever go through. Imagine
Sean Hendley Nearing midnight, escaped from the proximity of my ‘roommate’, crouched on the floor of a hotel room, I
Chalisa Chanchuvanichkul We live in a world of weird beauty standards. We relentlessly try to improve our appearances, convinced that
Amelia Naomi How the female voice has come to be heard through the rise of indie mags  Magazines are the
Beth Graham One thing that can be said for our generation is the rise in cases of anxiety and stress.
Kieshona Brown Exes. If you’ve ever had the unfortunate opportunity of breaking up with someone you thought would be the
Chalisa Chanchuvanichkul WRITTEN FROM MY OWN UNFORTUNATE EXPERIENCE  I’ve always had quite bad luck when it comes to travelling. Things
Luke Taylor Step 1) Realize you’re unsure of what you’re doing with your life right now.  Step 2) Have an existential
Beth Graham We all know the feeling of getting home after a long day, where you just want to settle
Gemma Shingles Introvert  I am stood in a room full of people,  all of which I don’t know.  I feel
Amelia Naomi For all the wealth of diversity in the courses we study, there is certainly one thing we can
Gigi Soh Disclaimer: The reason behind writing this article is not to point fingers or set rules on how one
Beth Graham Films have the unique ability to define a generation in history, acting as a relatable gateway into our
Vaineta Keraityte, Eleanor Needham, Luke McGarrigle, Drew Hardman, Lauren Walker and Chloe Boston With loneliness in the elderly rising in the UK,
Lucia Calcagni When we see, what do we see? Is that what is actually there, or just what we want to be seeing?  
Katie Billham We’re stood in front of the mirror again. Poke this, prod that. Stretch, grab, twist, pull, until red
Gigi Soh The answer towards the long-standing debate between “Art imitating Life, and Life imitating Art”, just like that of
Gaby Regan Your mindset is what can influence reality.  It takes thoughts and feelings to make a change for each individual and
Sean Goddard For children the physical act of drawing and creating is a key part of their development and helps
Uzi Okotcha Sometimes we don't know how to exist. A series of images depicting self-reflection and self-questioning conscious when reality
Beth Graham “When I grow up, I want to be just like *insert name here*” It is fair to say
Beth Graham It's safe to say that we all live in somewhat of an illusion when it comes to our
Storehouse Heads of Issue 19 As Storehouse becomes more and more known across NUA and Norwich and involves more and
KIeshona Brown There is a stigma surrounding seeking help. As people, we don’t like to admit that we don’t have all
Gigi Soh Focal point: Practicing the art of subtraction in the process of finding your way through life.  When we
Freya Elise I long for magic, I crave it in every piece of fiction I come across. Life is so plain & dull & stale & I want
Leah McGhee Some seeds can not sprout   unless they are burnt first.  There are lilies in South Africa  that wait for wildfires.  
Alice Laycock How interior design in social media can be used to help, not hinder. As a generation, we are well
Hannah Game Photography: Hannah Game, Storehouse Content Team, @hjgamephotography
Beth Graham 125 plastic bottles. 213 bottle tops. 50 miscellaneous plastic trays and products. All of this was collected in
Freya Elise There’s a rather strange beauty in the reclaimed, giving the forgotten paper a new purpose & meaning. It
Jason Brown This was a live brief with the Broads Authority to produce a web app for them. The aim
Jason Brown ‘Process’: a slightly different theme from our some of our previous ones, we asked you to submit work showing
Beth Graham I want you to think of your first teddy bear. Think of how much you loved it, how
Alice Laycock Interior Design is the archetype of a discipline dominated by the process.  The piece which I have since
Kieshona Brown  This summer I got very familiar with the backseat of a cop car. I know what it sounds
Kieshona Brown One of the things I am most proud of is being a 90s kid. I know you have
Luke Taylor No, I’m not referring to Frozen.  Let’s be honest, learning to let go is easier said than done.
Beth Graham History is such an important part of society, it’s something we all take for granted, especially the amount
Beth Graham and Beth Stilgoe As a child, we view the world in a different light to our more experienced,
Kieshona Brown  This is a story of a time in my life when I felt most helpless, all thanks to
Leah McGhee An interview with third-year Textile Design student, Rosie-May Greenbank, joy-seeker and colour wizard. Rosie talks about her piece on finding
Hannah Murray We met with the fabulous Beth Reeks, a warm, down-to-earth Life Model with a vintage style keen to
Chalisa Chanchuvanichkul We’ve all heard of the saying: ‘After the rain comes the rainbow’, symbolising the glorious time after the worst. That’s
Ana Corona  The House of Daze is a Norwich based drag collective dedicated to showcasing queer performers and turning out
Beth Graham Over the summer of 2018, Norwich and surrounding areas have been decorated with a fleet of hares! Known
Chalisa Chanchuvanichkul When you go on a holiday to somewhere new, what do you try to photograph? I guess the typical
Beth Graham The art of perception within film is one of the most powerful tools imaginable, filmmakers can harness this