Here’s what to do if things don’t work as they should

If your file didn’t successfully upload or you’d just like some help, please don’t panic! Check the items below.

We’re here to help!

If you have trouble submitting your work or want to ask a question, please feel free to email We aim to reply as quickly as possible!

But first, please try the suggestions below.

Ensure that you complete all required fields on the submission page

Please try again and ensure that all fields are completed.

Ensure that the total size of your files is under 120MB

This is the maximum file upload size.

I want to submit multiple files with my submission

You may select multiple files to upload with your submission as long as the total size of the files is under 120MB.

Try giving your submission a different name

If you are submitting multiple pieces of work, send them as separate submissions with individual submission titles.

If you want to update or change a previous submission, add ‘(Updated)’ to the submission title. If you want to add additional files to a previous submission, add ‘(Additions)’ to the submission title.

Give it another go!

There’s a chance that a small connection problem between us stopped the transfer.

Use WeTransfer

Please use WeTransfer to send us your submission if the online submission tool doesn’t work. The email address to send it to is

In your submission please include a document containing the following:

Your submission text must be 500 words or fewer.