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Distortion and Lucidity

Distortion and lucidity allows expression of thoughts and feelings through all creative and visual media. Issue 25 will encourage the exposure of day to day existence and clarity of expression as creative individuals. We intend to explore the spectrum of ideas between the contrast of fantasy and the everyday. Presenting  Issue 25 of Storehouse: Distortion and Lucidity

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All Submissions must also include a piece of written work (150 words or more) – (This could be a caption/description of your submission if it is purely image-making)

Terms and Conditions:

  • We receive many submissions and it is not always possible to publish every submission we receive.
  • Although we endeavour to make the issue title/brief as open to interpretation as possible, we reserve the right to choose submissions based on how relevant they are to the title, and how well they respond to the set brief.
  • If you have submitted multiple pieces of work, the likelihood is that only one will be published in the magazine. Storehouse may choose your strongest piece to publish in the magazine. Other pieces may be published online.
  • All submissions are moderated before publication. Submissions containing inappropriate or sensitive content may not be published. Storehouse reserves the right to decide not to publish work they determine is inappropriate.
  • Storehouse reserves the right to make minor modifications, such as spelling and grammar adjustments, to your submission text.
  • Your submission may be published in the magazine and/or on the Storehouse website. Storehouse will present your work in a way that fits the magazine guidelines. Storehouse reserves the right to decide which images to publish with your submission in accordance to space and magazine requirements.
  • Storehouse reserves the right to make minor visual adjustments to your submitted images, such as cropping and resizing, in accordance with the style of the magazine.
  • Submissions including videos are usually only published on Storehouse Online. Storehouse reserves the right to use the links provided during submission to embed in the Storehouse Online website.
  • Storehouse and the NUA Students’ Union reserves the right to use your submission in Storehouse and NUA Students’ Union promotional material, but will always credit the submission author in any promotional posts featuring student submissions.
  • Your submission may be used in NUA promotional material, in which case it is the duty of NUA to contact the submission author to obtain permission for their usage.
  • The submission credit is awarded to the name of the author attributed to the student number given on the submissions form. Credit is only awarded to additional individuals if the ‘additional credits’ field is filled on the submission form.
  • Storehouse is a student publication, created by students in their free time. Although we do everything to avoid printing errors, very occasionally mistakes are made. We will always respond to complaints in a professional and timely manner and work towards a resolution, however we cannot reprint the magazine in the event of misprints. Online content can be changed depending on the nature of the concern.