The Storehouse team is made up of students from a variety of courses at Norwich University of the Arts. We come from all walks of life, all sorts of different disciplines and different ways of working. One thing unites us – and that’s our love for this magazine.

We work in three distinct teams, utilising the talents and skills of each member to create the magazine. Each department is headed by at least one experienced individual who guides and supports their team.

The team changes with each edition. We recruit new students to join our society each September.

Storehouse Content Team

All members of the Content Team, including Heads of Department, are responsible for writing and creating content for the magazine. They also check the submissions from students and choose what is printed in the magazine, as well as updating and managing the website.

Head of Online

  • Harry Sofokleous
  • Heads of Content

    Content Writers

    Storehouse Editorial Team

    The Editorial Team is responsible for the design and production of the magazine. They also work with our sponsors to create adverts for them and arrange the magazine’s printing.

    Design Director

    Heads of Editorial

    Editorial Designers

    Storehouse Promotion Team

    Our Promotion Team works hard to ensure that our social media is kept updated and the world knows what Storehouse is doing. They produce the animated and static assets used on Instagram to drum up interest in the key times during the Storehouse calendar, such as the theme reveal, submissions opening, launch dates, and recruitment.

    Heads of Promotion

    Promotion Team Members

    Storehouse Leads

    Deputy Head of Storehouse

    The Deputy Head of Storehouse is Year 1 Fashion Marketing and Business student, Mila Meijerink. Mila has been on Storehouse team since September 2020, first starting off as a member of content team for Issue 22 and then became a Head of Department for Issue 23. Mila was then promoted to Deputy Head of Storehouse, a role which involves running and managing Storehouse projects and supporting the Head. She continues to help lead the Content team with Lara Mortimer, Jack Taylor and Hannah Game.

    Head of Storehouse

    Lara Mortimer is a 2nd year student studying BA Graphic Communication, who joined the Storehouse Editorial Team in her first month at university, back in September of 2019. Since then, she has designed spreads for three issues and been promoted to Head of Department. Lara has recently taken on the position as Head of Storehouse, where Lara oversees the running of the magazine, directs projects and manages a wonderful team. In addition to her role as Head, she continues to help lead the Editorial Team alongside Sophie Ebbage and Amber Conte, which involves making design decisions for the upcoming editions.