Words: Charlotte Blackstone Whines (She / Her), BA (Hons) Graphic Communication, @charlottebwdesign In response to the brief ‘play’ I wanted
Ruby Williams (She/Her) The theme ‘Metamorphosis’ reminds me of how different both me and my friends have become after over
Elisenda De Wit Roy (She/Her) These are still images from a Fashion Film that talks about emerging to a new
James Coote (He/Him) Selected works taken of Fiona McCormick (@mccormick.fi0na) in a makeshift home studio set up I created during
Chloe Chapman From a very young age I have been absent-mindedly collecting odds and ends, stuffing them into my pockets
Amber-Rose Thorpe We all miss the days that we were able to be entertained for hours on end by a
Mila Meijerink For me nostalgia is often reflecting on my past self. Recently Ive been looking into personality types and presenting them in terms of
Rachel Cottrell In 2020, the world is experiencing more societal upheaval than COVID-19 alone. Yemen’s fate hangs in the balance due to the impact
Katie Foreman This submission piece is all about the things that we have found to make ourselves happy during lockdown.
Kieran Cook CCTV Church is a project I have started during lockdown out of frustration. Not being able to leave the house, meant
William George Above the Breakers is a series I have shot on my drone recently, on a rough windy evening along the Norfolk coast. In
William George This is an image I took while out exploring my small Norfolk town in lockdown with my drone. I have discovered our local
Tommy Grimmer This small project documents a series of ambient light projections through the windows of our hotel, where my
Harriet Laws-Herd My interest in this project began with the idea of embodiment within virtual reality, this idea has been
Yannis Giannetakis Jim Jarmusch’s jazz western.  A young accountant by the name of William Blake, a name ingeniously chosen to
Emma Chilicuisa Upon thinking about reality and illusion, I was flooded with loads of ideas right away, my first idea was
Rachel Lloyd Over Here! I’m that dog that’s running around the park off the lead, full pelt at picnics and stealing meal deals. Sniffing
Lois Wilson This piece aims to visually communicate the process of 2D, frame-by-frame, digital animation. The use of the ‘onion
Katie Collins Process takes on many different forms in my work. It’s important for me to acknowledge my process because,
Karolis Arbaciauskas Defined as the self-analysis and observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes, introspection is an important skill which
Jake Mayes For these photographs, I wanted to pursue the idea of the process by interpreting the topic of subconsciousness
Frances Hammond In response to the House of Illustration’s ‘Illuminated Alphabet’ competition, I created a different letter each day throughout
Emily Saunders A piece based around movement and fluidity, taking inspiration from classical Japanese culture. I was particularly inspired by
Catia Pimentel “Corrosion” is the consolidation of my exploration within materials, processes and techniques.   Process is a key element in my
Ben Tyreman I created this artwork based around the themes of hyperrealism and portraiture, and what is considered as a
Benjamin McLeister Fitting with the theme of ‘Process’, ‘Typography & Movement’ arrived after working on a brief set by university,
Ashley Jade Backhouse When I think of the word process, I think of growth, something adapting over a course of time
Niamh Fitzgerald These pieces I created as a visual representation of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. To achieve this, I wanted to
Karolis Arbaciauskas 'Cerulean'  The process behind this piece was very experimental, from start to finish. I wanted to create a render
Ben Chamberlain Recently, the release of new 3D design software by Adobe has made the generation of photorealistic digital renderings
Ben Chamberlain and Ethan Brown In the era we live in, equality is a hot topic. This generation, more than ever, is
Conrad Areta These images are of elevations, sections, perspectives and a model of my temporary nomadic pavilion from my term