Words: Ruby Williams (She/Her), BA (Hons) Photography, @rawilliam.s During last years project, I focused on how university during lockdown had
Words: Ellen Brown (She/Her), BA (Hons) Photography, @ellenb_photography These portraits of Pedro and Ryan were taken from a recent project
Words: Michelle Hannant (She/Her), BA (Hons) Photography, @michelles.pt Discovering nature has always been a love of mine. Our relationship with
Words: Giovanni Morter (He/Him), BA (Hons) Photography, @plasticfloret In my latest project I have found myself busy in creating body landscapes that map
Words: Katie Champkin (They/Them,), BA (Hons) Illustration, @champkinkatie  Previous Next When I think of "play" I think of fun. I'm someone
Lois Brandon (She/Her) I’ve always wanted to be a minimalist; to keep things simple, to create clean, black and white
Phoebe Owen (She/Her) A summer illustration of my optimism for the sunny season – just need to find an appropriate
Steven Pascoe (He/Him) The work produced is an example of how you can manipulate reality by the use of mixed
Kieran Cook (He/Him) In response to our species’ access to the internet, our attitudes towards our bodies are changing. Fortunately,
Callum Wells (He/Him) Today, I believe ‘making time for change’ is the key principle for moving towards a more accepting
Joe Gregory (He/Him) My initial thoughts when I came across this on my walk were confusion, disbelief and amazement. It
Rebecca Simmons Nostalgia is always associated with my favourite holiday town, Mojácar, Spain. Ever since I was little my family and two close
Elizabeth Ferguson My current project documents a series of coastal landscapes around my childhood home and highlights the environmental issues that
Emily Johnson In times of instability and uncertainty there is a strong instinct to turn to nostalgia for comfort and normality.   Over the past year, the
Georgia Wilding-Glendye Hometown was taken during the first lockdown. I have never shot in my hometown and since I cannot
Jack Taylor When on the topic of music, many are driven back to the songs from their youth, but most
Mi Kim Inspired by a Korean Artist Do Ho Suh’s installation artwork, this restaurant is a collaboration with Korean traditional
Sophie Ebbage Inspired by the phantom nostalgia brought about Declan McKenna's album 'Zeros'. Heavily influenced by 70s glam rock and
Tommy Grimmer This trio of images have been produced surrounding the idea of memory. I wanted to create a set of images that relate
Lois Wilson In response to the word ‘together', this piece represents guidance and support in relation to mental health. The study of hands comes from direct references of my hand as well as the hand of my younger sibling, who is currently struggling, but slowly opening up. As someone who deals with mental health issues myself, I find that it is very important to check in on people as they may be suffering in silence. This piece also aims to encourage people to seek professional help when things become unmanageable, knowing that people will support and help you.  Words: Lois Wilson, Animation, @lois.sketchbook
Niamh Fitzgerald I drew this piece in the first week of lockdown when we were navigating this new way of life as
Holly Wise As an Architecture student, it’s a wonderful experience to take what you learn in the classroom outside, to further your understanding. To be
Elizabeth Barrell The dining room is one of the most important rooms in the household. A room that not only provides nourishment, but also acts as a place to gather and socialize with the people we care
Kerry Bensley Over the past few months, pets across the world have had the absolute time of their lives. Having their
Thomas French Lockdown has hit everyone in different ways, creating new challenges for everyone to overcome. One of them is being stuck at
Rachel Lloyd There is simplicity, clutter, and safety; not daring to be too difficult, but not like anything you have done before.  
Maya Chessman Now more than ever it feels important that our homes help us to feel physically safe. This feeling acts as a link to those people who lived before
Hannah Berry The Lockdown Series is a project I started on Instagram dedicated to documenting peoples’ photos and experiences from their time
Catarina Dos Santos Azevedo When the smell of detergent and fresh air emerges, there’s a feeling of ‘home’. Words and illustration: Catarina
Jacob Millington For this project, we were tasked with creating interior fabrics. These woven pieces were inspired by the details
Karolis Arbaciauskas While the world does indeed look to artists for "direction, resolve and optimism", I wanted to take a darker
Viola Williams This year, more than ever, we have to stand together.  Since the start of Covid-19, there has been 523,011 deaths, and
Aleisha Blowers My sense of belonging has been in limbo for two years, And I don’t think it’ll ever change.
Ellen Sibley After coming across the phenomenon of visual agnosia, a neurological disorder which affects a person’s ability to recognise
Hannah Teather What is the light that we search for within ourselves? The one that flickers and threatens to burn out
Jake Mayes With these photographs, I wanted to portray reality and illusion with the use of double exposing film while
Frances Hammond  The convergence of illusion and reality was central to my illustrations of 'The Seventh Horse', a short story
Thomas Goddard My practice has always been rooted in reality and illusion, coming from an optical art background with influences such as Bridget Riley, my goal
Jason Brown ‘UX’ is a buzzword that is thrown about by a lot of people these days. What does it actually
Layla Weiss “Red Sea” is a series of shots I did for Kingsley. He approached me asking me to help
Samuel Weston I am a photographer based in London and Norwich, and I take fashion-inspired portraits. As much I love my
Ruth Brittain In the spring term of 2019, Year 2 Graphic Communication student, Asha Wilson and the NUA Students’ Union
Roisin Delaney Process.  My artwork is never complete, or at least never has an end. I find with my artwork
Rebecca Sayer I created this render as part of a collaboration project. It is an experimental piece that was inspired
Benjamin McLeister Using expired film on a slightly broken camera made for some interesting illusions.   Each photo was shot in London on
Beth Graham 125 plastic bottles. 213 bottle tops. 50 miscellaneous plastic trays and products. All of this was collected in
Molly Broomfield The first Maggie’s Centre opened in Edinburgh in 1996 and since then Maggie’s has continued to grow, with
Isabelle Cyr To reach a resolved piece of work I rely on different drawing techniques, of which the most important to
Imogen Hawgood The constant process of transformation brought about by the interplay of surfaces and light has been observed by
Harriet Spalding The process of entering a funfair is presented through the sensory feelings using type, shape and colour. The
Jason Brown This was a live brief with the Broads Authority to produce a web app for them. The aim
Elise Carter This summer, I had the opportunity to work with the digital team at Graduate Fashion Week 2019 with
Eleanor Lamb This project was a university brief in collaboration with The Broads Authority.  ‘Spot The Broads' is an interactive wildlife and plant
Chloe Stockwell Cyanotype is a heritage printing process from the 19th century, using chemicals to produce a cyan-blue print. After adding the
Charlotte Kent From office workers to students, to young families, all walks of life can be found in the hustle and bustle that is
Catrin Hâf Feron I created these pieces after studying the photographic concept of ‘the male gaze’. Within these images, you
Anna Ward In a gesture, I am attempting to exalt the mundane and elevate everyday objects. I looked upon the juxtaposing boundaries between the fluidity
Ainsley Eagle Recreating the concept of the Doggy Bag to encourage people to take their leftovers home with them, rather
Melina Wilde I often use art to have a conversation with myself. The initial starting point for this piece was
Lily Barber My work explores the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder and the subsequent reliance on sunlight. Producing work from
Imogen Jade Hurn This work was inspired by a question I have been researching throughout my unit 'Does social media
Imogen Hawgood Suburbia is the embodiment of both the American Dream and the slowly unfolding crisis which has followed as America
Ethan Brown  This university task was to rebrand and create a new Visual Identity for a local Norwich brand —
Erin Ruane Inspired by modern digital media and my own explorative self-expression, my visual style mixes cut-out images from magazines
Ella Flood Packaging design in response to the word 'Hench', meaning 'someone tough-looking or muscular, someone you wouldn't want to
Denize Orlovska Words: Denize Orlovska, Illustration
Chloe Ellis Daily commuters in the thousands they go,  Driving over the backbone of our town, do they know?  Propelled
Chloe Darnill Portrait top right and below this text is of model Karina using studio window light.  The other images are
Callum Brown, Jeremy Downes and Simone Costa Brief  Create a brand identity and associated brand applications for a new museum
Charlotte Tankard And Katie Squirrell Charlotte and Katie were awarded third place in the Black Sheep 2018 competition for this work. The brief
George Davison Focusing on the relationship that our generation has with technology, this piece highlights the absence of childhood with
Jack Lennon Like Father, Like Son is a 3D scene representing Jack’s dad’s desk when he was introducing him to
Lucy Phillips These photographs were captured across Northern India, in Varanasi, New Delhi, Dharamshala, and many other places in which I ate some
Nayeon Kang Here, light is recognised by several sharp-ended pieces of wood. The use of light and dark is for the sake of
Olivia Elsey These images are part of an original concept project for the design of a local art gallery and
Saffron Brooker  The new generation is about creative relationships and collaboration. As a fashion design student, it would have been
Creative Co-Working
Stephen Johnson This project entitled Creative Co-working was all about creating a gallery and working space for artists but with
Lorelle Aboagye-Mubanga An interview with one of our shortlisted artists for our eye opener exhibition Lorelle Aboagye-Mubanga. How were your
Mia Herrod We spoke to Textiles Student Mia Herrod about her perception of ethical fashion.  It is clear you pride
Amy Harman An interview with Jarrold’s prize winner, and one of our shortlisted artists for our eye opener exhibition, Amy